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Robot Hand & Arm for Unseen Objects Grasping

Vision based Manipulation + Brain in Hand System Integration

Traditional vision-based manipulator systems have limitations such as a narrow field of view or the potential to obscure objects due to the fixed position of the camera. Our laboratory is researching a vision-based intelligent robot hand that not only recognizes objects but also includes perception and control. This is achieved by building an interface on the robot hand that incorporates sensors and controllers.

Robotic Palm: 동영상

Robotic Palm

Soft Robotic Palm with Tunable Stiffness Using Dual-Layered Particle Jamming Mechanism

This project presents a novel robotic palm with a dual-layered structure designed to yield high surface conformity and controllable rigidity for enhanced grasping performance. It comprises a vacuum chamber for adjusting the stiffness of the palm via particle jamming and an air chamber for actively controlling the palm deformation. An auto-jamming control scheme that automatically solidifies the palm by sensing the internal pressure of the palm without any tactile sensors or visual feedback was also proposed.

Robotic Palm: 소개
Dual-layered robotic palm.png
Robotic Palm: 이미지

Demonstration of multimodal grasping

The robotic palm allows multimodal grasping with a variety
of different grasping strategies. The palm provides a stable
base for a power grasp, providing high surface conformity to
any arbitrary shape of an object in contact and also high slip

Robotic Palm: 소개
Enhanced power grasp.png
Robotic Palm: 이미지

Alternative grasping strategy

Robotic Palm: 동영상

Pick-and-place scenario

Robotic Palm: 동영상
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