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Soft Robotic Palm with Tunable Stiffness Using Dual-Layered Particle Jamming Mechanism, Jeongwon Lee, Jaehee Kim, Sungwoo Park, Donghyun Hwang, and Sungwook Yang, IEEE/ASME Transactions on Mechatronics ( Volume: 26, Issue: 4, Aug. 2021)

Prediction of Voluntary Motion Using Decomposition-and-Ensemble Framework With Deep Neural Networks, Dokyoon yoon, Eunchan Kim, Ingu Choi, Sung Won Han, Sungwook Yang, IEEE Access 8,  pp. 201555-201565.

Compact and Lightweight End-Effectors to Drive Hand-operated Surgical Instruments for Robot-assisted Microsurgery, Namseon Jang, Yong Seok Ihn, N. Choi, Gangyong Gu, J. Jeong, Sungwook Yang, S. Yim, Keehoon Kim, Sang-Rok Oh, Donghyun Hwang, IEEE/ASME Transactions on Mechatronics (IEEE TMECH) w/ AIM 2020 Presentation, 25(4), pp. 1933-1943.

A Tele-operated Microsurgical Forceps-Driver with a Variable Stiffness Haptic Feedback Master Device, Sungwoo Park, Namseon Jang, Yong Seok Ihn, Sungwook Yang, Jinwoo Jeong, Sehyuk Yim, Sang-Rok Oh, Keehoon Kim, Donghyun Hwang, IEEE Robotics and Automation Letters (IEEE RA-L) w/ ICRA 2020 Presentation, 5(2), pp. 1946-1953.


Ultra-High Curvature Sensors for Multi-Bend Structures Using Fiber Bragg Gratings, Minsu Jang, Jun Sik Kim, Soong Ho Um, Sungwook Yang, Jinseok Kim, Optic Express, 27(3), pp. 2074-2084.

Internal-Flow-Mediated, Tunable One-dimensional Cassie-to-Wenzel Wetting Transition on Superhydrophobic Microcavity Surfaces during Evaporation, Prashant Pendyala, Hong Nam Kim, Harpreet S. Grewal, Uikyu Chae, Sungwook Yang, Il-Joo Cho, Simon Song, Eui-Sung Yoon, Nanoscale and Microscale Thermophysical Engineering, 23(4), pp. 275-288.


Techniques For Robot-Aided Intraocular Surgery Using Monocular Vision, Sungwook Yang, Joseph N Martel, Louis A Lobes, Jr, Cameron N Riviere, International Journal of Robotics Research 37(8), pp. 931-952.

EyeSLAM: Real‐time Simultaneous Localization and Mapping of Retinal Vessels During Intraocular Microsurgery, Daniel Braun, Sungwook Yang, Joseph N Martel, Cameron N Riviere, Brian C Becker, The International Journal of Medical Robotics and Computer Assisted Surgery, 14(1), e1848.


Hybrid position/force control of an active handheld micromanipulator for membrane peeling, Trent S Wells, Sungwook Yang, Robert A MacLachlan, Louis A Lobes Jr, Joseph N Martel, Cameron N Riviere, The International Journal of Medical Robotics and Computer Assisted Surgery, 12(1), pp. 85-95.

Comparative Evaluation of Handheld Robot-Aided Intraocular Laser Surgery, Sungwook Yang, Robert A. MacLachlan, Joseph N. Martel, Louis A. Lobes, Cameron N. Riviere, IEEE Transactions on Robotics, 32(1), pp. 246-251.


Manipulator Design and Operation For A Six-Degree-Of-Freedom Handheld Tremor-Canceling Microsurgical Instrument, Sungwook Yang, Robert A. MacLachlan, Cameron N. Riviere, IEEE/ASME Transactions on Mechatronics, 20(2), pp. 761-772. (Best Paper Award)

Handheld Automated Microsurgical Instrumentation For Intraocular Laser Surgery, Sungwook Yang, Louis A. Lobes Jr, Joseph N. Martel, Cameron N. Riviere, Lasers in Surgery and Medicine, 47(8). pp. 658-668.


Design of Endoscopic Micro-Robotic End Effectors: Safety and Performance Evaluation Based On Physical Intestinal Tissue Damage Characteristics


Hydrophobicity and Micro-/Nanotribological Properties of Polymeric Nanolines


Active Locomotion Of A Paddling-Based Capsule Endoscope in an In Vitro and In Vivo Experiment (with videos), Hee Man Kim*, Sungwook Yang*, Jinseok Kim, Semi Park, Jae Hee Cho, Jeong Youp Park, Tae Song Kim, Eui-Sung Yoon, Si Young Song, Seungmin Bang, Gastrointestinal Endoscopy, 72(3), pp. 381-387. (Cover Article)

Feedback controlled piezo-motor microdrive for accurate electrode positioning in chronic single unit recording in behaving mice, S Yang, J Cho, S Lee, K Park, J Kim, Y Huh, ES Yoon, HS Shin, Journal of Neuroscience Methods 195 (2), pp. 117-127.


An optimal micropatterned end-effecter for enhancing frictional force on large intestinal surface

International Conference Proceedings

Publications: 발행물

EMBC 2021


Evaluation of Applied Force During Nasopharyngeal Swab Sampling Using Handheld Sensorized Instrument, Chaewon Park, Ingu Choi, Juhyeong Roh, So Yun Lim, Sung-Han Kim, Jongwon Lee, Sungwook Yang, 2021 43rd Annual International Conference of the IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society (EMBC)

ICRA 2021


Design and Control of Fully Handheld Microsurgical Robot for Active Tremor Cancellation, Eunchan Kim, Ingu Choi, Sungwook Yang, 2021 International Conference on Robotics and Automation (ICRA).

IROS 2019


Towards Active Stabilization of Probe-Based Confocal Laser
Endomicroscopy Using a Handheld Micromanipulator, Eunchan Kim, Nara Choi, Donghyun Hwang, Yong Seok Ihn, Sang-Rok Oh, Sungwook Yang, 2019 IEEE/RSJ International Conference on Intelligent Robots and Systems



Development of a surgical-forceps driver with an embedded high-precision tiny force sensor module, Sungwoo Park, Namseon Jang, Jinwoo Jeong, Yong Seok Ihn, Sehyuk Yim, Sungwook Yang, KEEHOON KIM, Sang-Rok Oh, Donghyun Hwang, IEEE International Conference on Cyborg and Bionic Systems (CBS)

ICRA 2012


Design and analysis of 6 DOF handheld micromanipulator, Sungwook Yang, Robert A MacLachlan, Cameron N Riviere, 2012 IEEE International Conference on Robotics and Automation

Domestic Journal Article

Publications: 발행물

Domestic Conference Proceedings

Publications: 발행물

KRoC 2021

Handheld Robot for Robot-Assisted Microsurgery, Ingui Choi, Eunchan Kim, Sungwook Yang. (RED Show Award)

KSME 2021 Spring

  • Deep-Learning Based Honeycomb Pattern Removal in Fiber Bundle Imaging, Eunchan Kim, Taewon Seo, Sungwook Yang.

  • Active Tremor Cancellation of Handheld Microsurgical Robots, Ingu Choi, Eunchan Kim, Sungwook Yang.

  • Gravity Compensation of Handheld Force-Sensing Instruments for COVID-19 Swab Sampling, Chaewon Park, Ingu Cho, Sungwook Yang.

  • Nostril Detection Algorithms for Visual Control of Automatic COVID-19 Swab Sampling Robot Systems, Guebin Hwang, Sungwook Yang.

  • Biologically-inspired Robot Palm with Dual-Layered Particle Jamming, Jeongwon Lee, Jaehee Kim, Sungwoo Park, Donghyun Hwang, Sungwook Yang.

KSME 2020 Fall

  • Design and Optimization of 6-DOF Handheld Micromanipulator, Eunchan Kim, Ingu Choi, Sungwook Yang.

  • Real-time Control of 6-DOFHandheld Microsurgical Robot, Ingu Choi, Eunchan Kim, Sungwook Yang.

  • Control and Evaluation of Bio-inspired Robotic Palm, Jeongwon Lee, Jaehee Kim, Eunchan Kim, Ingu Choi, Sungwook Yang.

KRoC 2020

  • Handheld Robot for Automatic Stabilization of Probe-based Imaging Microscope, Eunchan Kim, Nara Choi, Sungwook Yang.

  • Stiffness Control of Robotic Palm, Jeongwon Lee, Wonjun Han, Eunchan Kim, Ingu Choi, Sungwook Yang.

  • Waste Sorting Robot based on 5-DOF Mobile Manipulator, Ingu Choi, Juhoon Back, Sungwook Yang. (Best Undergraduate Student Paper Award)

KSME 2020 Spring

Real-time Detection of Peripheral Nerve Degeneration Using a Probe-Based Confocal Laser Endomicroscopy, Eunchan Kim, Nara Choi, Sungwook Yang.

KSME 2019 Fall

  • Outlier Detection of FBG Optical Sensors for Bio-Medical Applications, Dokyoon Yoon, Sungwook Yan.

  • Design and Analysis of a Handheld Micromanipulator for Robot-Assisted Microsurgery, Eunchan Kim, Ingu Choi, Sungwook Yang.

  • Multi-modal Mechanical Stimulation System for Axonal Injury Model, Nara Choi, Eui-Sung Yoon, Sungwook Yang.

KSME 2019 Spring

  • Wearable Arm Motion Tracking System Using Fiber Bragg Grating Sensors in Real-Time, Minsu Jang, Jun Sik Kim, Kyumin Kang, Byung Kook Kim, Soong Ho Um, Jinseok Kim, Sungwook Yang.

  • C and L Band Fully Covering Tunable Erbium doped Fiber Laser, Kyumin Kang, Minsu Jang, Jun Sik Kim, Byung Kook Kim, Myotaeg Lim, Sungwook Yang, Jinseok Kim.

  • A Peripheral Nerve Gripper based on Negative-pressure with passive and Active Microneedle Arrays, Namseon Jang, Yong Seok Ihn, Jinwoo Jeong, Sungwook Yang, Sehyuk Yim, Sang-Rok Oh, Keehoon Kim, Donghyun Hwang.

KRoC 2019


Publications: 발행물

Quantitative Impact Control and Measurement System

  • US Patent 10-2059119, KR Patent 11054323

Robot Palm

  • US Patent App. 17/389086, KR Patent App. 2020-0163751

Tele-operated Forceps-driver Variable Stiffness Master Device

  • US Patent App. 17/029286, KR Patnet App. 2020-0015706

Forceps Driver Apparatus

US Patent App. 17/006446, KR Patneet App. 2019-0109865

Peripheral Nerve Gripping Apparatus

  • KR Patent 10-2174354

Supporting Structure Applying Gravity Compensation Mechanism and Impact Control System Having The Supporting Structure

  • KR Patent 10-1991414, US Patent App. 16/385244

FBG-Based Torsion Sensor Device

  • KR Patent 10-2136625, US Patent App. 17/259636, EU Patent App. 19834451.7, JP Patent App. 2021-500835, CN Patent App. 1201980056511.6, PCT/KR2019/008493

Motion Capture System Using FBG Sensor

  • US Patent 10524701, KR Patent 10-1862131, US Patent App. 16/698590

Multi-Selective Micro Manipulator

US Patent 8707809,  EP Patent 2493665, KR Patent 10-1091610, PCT/KR2009/007720

Micro Manipulator for Electrode Movement in Neural Signal Recording

US Patent 8435250, KR Patent 10-1017908

Bidirectional Moving Micro-Robot System

  • US Patent 8322469, EP Patent 2542389, KR Patent 10-1135597, PCT/KR2010/004576

Polymer Linear Actuator for Micro Electro Mechanical System and Micro Manipulator for Measurement Device of Cranial Nerve Signal Using The Same

  • US Patent 7917200, US Patent 8,774,910, EP Patent 1840080, KR Patent 10-0767723

Capsule Type Micro-Robot Bbidirectional Moving System

  • EP Patent 2498664, KR Patent 10-1074511, PCT/KR2009/007773

Steering Module and Robot System Using the Same

  • KR Patent 10-1012034

End Structure for Minimizing Tissue Damage by Contacting Internal Organs

  • KR Patent 10-1070275

Polymeric Microstructure and Manufacturing Method Useful for A Foot of In-Vivo Moving Robot

  • ​KR Patent 10-0997650

Multi-Fiber Frictional Surface Mechanism for The Moving System Inside Living Organism

  • KR Patent 10-087391

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