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Handheld Microsurgical Robot

We aim to develop a multi-functional handheld surgical robot that can effectively treat brain tumors with phototheranosis-nano drugs, based on the precise targeting technology. This technology is a new interventional surgical robot system to accomplish 'maximum safe removal surgery' in intractable brain tumors.

Handheld Microsurgical Robot: 연구


Handheld Microsurgical Robot: 프로젝트

EKF based Precise Sensor Fusion Tumor SLAM

EKF slide.PNG

Real-Time Pattened PDD & PDT


Hand Tremor Cancellation Algorithm

Prediction of Voluntary Motion Using Decomposition-and-Ensemble Framework With Deep Neural Networks

Handheld Microsurgical Robot: 동영상

Force Control of Handheld Micro-surgery Robot
핸드헬드 미세 수술 로봇의 힘 제어

To effectively remove a brain tumor, a surgeon must use a handheld surgical robot equipped with a contact camera, bringing it to the surgical site and performing image-based intelligent control. To acquire enhanced images through the camera without causing injury to soft and delicate areas like brain tissue, force control capable of interacting with the environment is essential.

The above demos have implemented force control using Admittance Control by attaching an F/T sensor to the end-effector of the handheld microsurgical robot.

Handheld Microsurgical Robot: 동영상

Active Tremor Cancellation of
Handheld Micro-surgery Robot
핸드헬드 미세 수술 로봇의 손 떨림 보상

Unlike traditional surgical robots, the handheld microsurgical robot floats in the air, controlled by the surgeon's hand. A fundamental problem when floating in the air is that the robot directly reflects hand tremors. To solve this, tremors occurring in the 6~14 Hz band must be eliminated, and the original signal occurring below 2 Hz should be utilized for control. Various filter algorithms are being applied to analyze and filter out the signals that include hand tremors, and active research is being conducted to effectively dampen these tremors and minimize time delay.

Handheld Microsurgical Robot: 동영상
Handheld Microsurgical Robot: 동영상
Handheld Microsurgical Robot: 동영상

Control of the end-effector fixation of a handheld robot

In microsurgery, such as eye surgery, which requires high precision and a Remote Center of Motion (RCM) inside the eye, the surgical capabilities can be enhanced through a six-degree-of-freedom manipulator. The above demo uses an EM Tracker sensor capable of detecting six degrees of freedom to fix the end-effector in space. Utilizing this research can enable safer microsurgery.

Handheld Microsurgical Robot: 동영상

In microsurgery requiring Remote Center of Motion (RCM), it's necessary to design a robust six-degree-of-freedom manipulator as external forces are likely to be applied near the RCM. The above demo shows a video confirming that even when a force of about 5.0N is applied to the RCM of a six-degree-of-freedom manipulator, it still performs sufficiently well.

Handheld Microsurgical Robot: 동영상

Fiber Bundle Imaging

Analysis of Nerve Degeneration Using CNN

Previously, to assess tissue damage, it was necessary to cut and analyze the tissue. However, with our technology, it is possible to assess tissue damage in real-time without cutting. Additionally, by using mosaicking technology, we can expand the locally acquired images to a broader view.

Handheld Microsurgical Robot: 환영

Honeycomb Pattern Removal Using Convolution Neural Network (CNN)

Image quality improvement algorithm based on CNN

In images acquired through fiber optic bundles, noise similar to a honeycomb pattern, as seen in the image on the left, is present. This noise presents challenges in applying feature-based image processing algorithms. To overcome this, we have proposed an image quality improvement algorithm based on Convolutional Neural Networks (CNN). Our research enables real-time noise removal from images obtained through fiber optic bundles

Handheld Microsurgical Robot: 동영상

Real-time mosaicking based on feature points

By using an image quality improvement algorithm based on CNN to remove honeycomb-shaped noise, it is possible to perform real-time mosaicking based on feature points. This can overcome the narrow Field of View (FOV), which is a limitation of fiber optic bundles.


An Intelligent Handheld Instrument

Micron is a handheld instrument that actively cancels hand tremor during microsurgery. Micron can also aid fine manipulation for handheld OCT imaging, patterned laser photocoagulation, and membrane peeling.

Handheld Microsurgical Robot: 소개
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